Hi, all!

I’ve been a voracious reader all my life and expect that to continue until my life ends or my mind goes, whichever comes first. My life has been full of change, trying new things, new occupations and lifelong learning. I have an M.A. in Experimental/Developmental Psychology from the University of Akron. Originally from Barberton, OH, which is near Akron, some of the places I’ve lived in include Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, Salt Lake City, Utah, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (where I was in the Women’s Army Corps), Ft. Slocum, NY, Wooster, OH, Brevard, NC, and a few others hardly worth mentioning.

So I have a wealth of places and life experiences to draw upon for my fiction writing. 

My fiction works include a young adult fantasy, The Dragons of Atlantis, and a thriller/mystery novel, Beneath the Smoke. Currently, I’m working on a sequel to the second one, titled Beneath Murky Waters. My two published works are available on Amazon’s Kindle.

I also have a non-fiction ebook titled, Practical Preparations for Hip Replacement Surgery, which contains excellent information for those thinking of such surgery. This is based on my personal experience of having both hip joints replaced.

I presently live a quiet life with my two cats Maggie and Mingo in SW VA , where I continue to write and to assist other aspiring writers as best I can.


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