Has anyone else out there “worked” for, was promised top dollar for your blogs and then never heard from them again (except for the fact that they did publish your blog on their site)? Well, I got sucked into that. They claimed they really liked my writing, but never did pay me for it. So, I would like to hear from anyone else that has had a similar experience from It seems to me that they’re getting a lot of quality blogs for free. Frankly, I don’t believe they ever intended to pay, but I would like to hear from others who have been victimized by I also intend this blog as a warning to other writers to think twice about applying to’s “deal” of writing 10 blogs for $500.

Well, so much for my grousing. Any other writers out there have any really juicy pet peeves about writing employers? If so, let’s hear them.


About aakemp

I am a fiction writer and freelance writer/proofreader with excellent research abilities as well. What I offer is high quality writing done in a smooth, logically consistent and error-free manner. No fluff ever with my writing! Just intelligent, interesting copy. My novels include the young adult fantasy, "The Dragons of Atlantis" and the thriller/mystery, "Beneath the Smoke," available on Amazon's Kindle program. Also "The Dragons of Atlantis" is available on as an ebook or hard copy.
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One Response to Beware!

  1. aakemp says:

    Some woman from Lifarre contacted me not long ago after finding my name and email address in their files. She claimed that this Bob what’s-his-face exceeded his authority and really “messed up” the company. She was wanting me to write another post for them, but didn’t offer to pay me the money they still owed. She also tried to claim that soliciting bloggers by promising to pay them really did not benefit them. Yeah, right. I haven’t bothered to go back and see what they’re up to these days, but I’m not surprised that the site has deterioriated. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and have a great day!

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