Why Are We Here?

You know, this world matrix we live in has been compared to that of the uterus of a mother.  The unborn child develops such things as arms, legs, eyes, ears, tongue, etc. that it obviously doesn’t need inside the womb.  But it will certainly need them when it gets born into the world outside.

That’s true of our own selves, we who have been born into the wide world of what we think of as reality.  Why are we here?  There’s actually a simple answer to that, according to the Baha’i` Faith:  we exist in this material matrix in order to develop our spiritual characteristics.  Those are what we’ll need when we pass on to the next world.  Just as the child in its mother’s womb will need its arms, legs, etc. in order to function in the outside world, so we will need all the spiritual development we can manage in this world in order to function properly in the next.

Of course that’s not saying that we can’t already use those characteristics in this world as well.  We certainly can and should in order to bring about a truly great civilization


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I am a fiction writer and freelance writer/proofreader with excellent research abilities as well. What I offer is high quality writing done in a smooth, logically consistent and error-free manner. No fluff ever with my writing! Just intelligent, interesting copy. My novels include the young adult fantasy, "The Dragons of Atlantis" and the thriller/mystery, "Beneath the Smoke," available on Amazon's Kindle program. Also "The Dragons of Atlantis" is available on OffTheBookshelf.com as an ebook or hard copy.
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